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Rise above the masses

Application "Apartments Croatia" is specifically created for those holiday apartment owners who are prepared to advertise in a modern way.

Nowadays, to achieve extraordinary success, web page advertising is simply not enough. That is where mobile application advertising takes its place. Application "Apartments Croatia" will provide new customers in a fast and easy way. All that a prospective guest needs is a smartphone and the application "Apartments Croatia" will do the rest.

Rise above the masses, open your mind to a new business idea, make the right move and simply click I want to advertise with "Apartments Croatia". You only need a couple of minutes to fill out all the necessary forms.

How to use the application?

Watch the 2:44 minute video above

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Apartments Croatia accommodation details

Why would I want to advertise with application “Apartments Croatia”?

Nowadays, people often use their smartphones in order to find a lot of useful information, book cinema tickets or use recipes to prepare excellent dishes for a family dinner. It is perfectly normal to search holiday accommodation by using a smartphone.

Make contact with your prospective guests using new technologies and advertise your accommodation facilities on a smartphone immediately. Bear in mind that in a couple of years a great number of people will be using their smartphones instead of personal computers.

Help your prospective guests find you easily with application “Apartments Croatia” available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices (HTC, Samsung...).

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How to obtain new guests using modern technologies?

Prospective guests can download the application to their smartphones for free and can search apartments according to destination name, apartment house name or inside regions of Croatia.

Each and every apartment or a guest house listed in the application offers up to six images, basic prices, contacts, the possibility of sending e-mail inquiries, dialing the owners' contact phone number or visiting the apartments' website.

With the help of geographical coordinates guests can view the exact location of their selected holiday house on a map and by using the smartphone built-in GPS feature the navigation to a final destination is then very easy.

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In comparison, state budget of Croatia in 2013 amounts to around 20 billion dollars.

Apartments Croatia accommodation details
Apartments Croatia accommodation details

Communicate in 10 world languages

The application “Apartments Croatia” is available in 10 world languages – Croatian, English, German, Italian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Polish and Russian. Apartments can be searched on the map according to destination inside a certain region of Croatia.